Witness to the Winds of Change

Camilla Dodson

332-3779    popysele@yahoo.com


‘Witness to the Winds of Change’ is an oral history presentation suitable for all adults and most teens.  The universal human themes of religious conflict, political domination, struggle for freedom, and hope for reconciliation appeal to all audiences. This presentation describes the colonial disruption of traditional village life in Southern Africa, and also the fundamental conflicts in Ireland over the past thirty years. The talk is based on tradition, oral history, and my personal experiences.  Participants will have an unforgettable experience.


This presentation lasts roughly one hour, including time for questions and answers from the participants.  No special equipment is required – only a room with chairs.  It would be well suited for multiple presentations, perhaps several times during a year.  ‘Witness to the Winds of Change’ can be largely subsidized by the New Mexico Humanities Council, but sessions must be scheduled 2-3 months in advance to be sure of this additional support.