Practical Introduction to Tie-Dye Art

Camilla Dodson



‘Tie-Dye Art’ is a participatory practical class in various methods to make wearable tie-dyed fabric art.  In this class, methods for tie-dying will be presented, along with techniques for producing different types of patterns on fabric.  The class will then tie-dye their own t-shirt in patterns they have chosen from the techniques presented.  I taught this material for over two decades in the Irish school system with great results.  Participants will truly enjoy themselves, and wearing the product of their work!


This class requires two hours time, and is best scheduled in a single block, although it can be broken into two one hour sessions if necessary.  All special equipment will be provided by the teacher, although there will be a materials fee of $5 per student.  All that is required is a room with work tables.  The class is suitable for children and adults, but I have found it better to present a children’s class (say, 8 through 16), and a separate adult’s class.  This class is well suited for multiple presentations (perhaps monthly if this is justified by demand), as a participant can explore a number of tie-dye techniques in successive classes.