The Friendly World Quartet

Camilla Dodson - Director



The Friendly World Quartet is a vocal and drumming quartet which primarily focuses on performance of African music. The members are:

Camilla Dodson - Drums, Dance, and Vocal
Brian Dodson - Vocals and Drums
Nkasi Sinandile - Dance, Vocals and Drums
Lungile Sinandile - Drums and Vocals


The Friendly World Quartet is a new performing group established only in 2006, but has already thrilled guests from far and wide. We present a sparkling combination of African music, song, and dance by a quartet of solo performers who join here into a single troupe! Camilla is originally from Lesotho in Southern Africa, and the Sinandiles come from South Africa, so the performances are from a traditional background, but with a few modern twists!
We are available for concerts and performances for groups from 10 to 10000, and occassions from parties to national celebrations and the State Fair. Performances are individually designed for the occassion, and can range from 20 minutes to perhaps 2 hours. Our fee structure is quite reasonable - please contact Camilla or phone her at 505-332-3779. The Friendly World Quartet is eager to make your occassion special!