A Friendly World

Camilla Dodson

332-3779    popysele@yahoo.com


This youth-oriented presentation, ‘A Friendly World’, is generally suitable for groups of children between 5 and 16 years of age, although adults are also very welcome!  Participants will dance, sing, and hear stories in the African style, and in the process learn some World Geography, cultural perspectives, listening skills, and the meaning behind the words of poetry.  A version of this program has been very popular in schools across Ireland and New Mexico.  Your children will have an unforgettable experience.


The foundation of this program is the poem, ‘A Friendly World’.  This poem, a favorite of Girl Scouts across the globe, is attributed to a Philippine folk song.   The words sum up the world viewpoint for my program:


I want to live in a Friendly World

In a, in a, in a Friendly World

I want to live in a Friendly World

That’s good for you and me


If I am short of a bowl of rice

And my next-door neighbor is in

I want to be sure that they won’t say no

To the color of my skin

Or my great-grandfather’s name

Or the tribe from which I came

Or the church I worship in


I want to live in a Friendly World

Oh yes, I do!


This presentation lasts roughly one hour, including time for questions and answers from the participants.  No special equipment is required – only a room with chairs and a bit of floor space.  It would be well suited for multiple presentations, perhaps being scheduled on a monthly basis.  ‘A Friendly World’ can be largely subsidized by the New Mexico Humanities Council, but sessions must be scheduled 2-3 months in advance to receive such support.