Experience in Traditional African Dancing

Camilla Dodson

332-3779    popysele@yahoo.com


‘African Dancing’ is a short practical course in various traditional styles of African Dance.  The sessions are two hours long, and require a reasonable degree of mobility and energy.  A room with adequate free floor space is required for the course.  Each session of the course is stand-alone, although I would like to give sessions at three levels, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, and also have separate classes for children from 8 to 16.  These classes are well-suited to be given in blocks of three weekly sessions, with such blocks being offered on some regular basis.  Participants will truly enjoy themselves, and will carry away skill in a new approach to dancing as well as appreciation for an unfamiliar culture!  ‘African Dancing’ can be largely subsidized by the New Mexico Humanities Council, but sessions must be scheduled 2-3 months in advance to receive such support.