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Camilla seeks inspiration from a stony friend



Camilla Productions provides a wide range of Multicultural Programs for community and private gatherings for all ages. Camilla was born in Lesotho, in Southern Africa, where she first trained as a teacher. Her 35 years of teaching experience has encompassed three continents and all grade levels. She developed and taught, for 22 years, a multicultural specialist program for public and private schools across the breadth of Ireland. She is also an experienced dancer, musician, choreographer, director, artist, and raconteur.

Camilla is now delighted at the opportunity to offer her unique talents and expertise to New Mexico and the rest of the United States. Selected programs which she can offer to schools appear below, but new or modified programs can always be developed to meet the needs of a particular school or class. All programs involve extensive participation by both students and teachers, and are specially designed to be FUN!

               A Friendly World Teaches tolerance and acceptance of cultural differences

               African Instruments Introduces participants to a range of indigenous musical instruments

               Experience in Traditional African Dance Learn traditional styles of African dance

               Experience in Traditional African Drumming Learn the principles, instruments, and techniques of African drumming

               Three Afternoons of Drama Prepare, rehearse, and perform a short drama specially written for the participants

               Traditional African Animal Tails(?) Performance of delightful African folk tales

               Practical Introduction to Tie-Dye Art How-to class for designing and making wearable tie-dye clothing

               Witness to the Winds of Change A program of personal witnessing of dramatic culture change in South Africa and Ireland