Class Whispering for Teachers


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Camilla listens to Class Whisperers past…


What is a class whisperer?  A class whisperer is a teacher who can direct the focus and activities of a group of children, see problems before they happen and use the personality forces within the class to head them off, who can prevent boredom by harnessing those students with extra energy or capability to help those who are not quite up to speed, and who maintains control through engagement with the students, not through force of position.  Above all, a class whisperer depends on preparation, Preparation, PREPARATION!


Camilla has developed these philosophies and a toolbox of techniques with which to implement them first through her teaching training in Southern Africa, and then for over 30 years as a traveling teacher specializing in Intercultural Studies in Ireland and on the Continent.  She is eager to share them with you in a personally directed workshop, which has been presented with great success throughout Ireland, Europe, and Africa!


The rough outline of a Class Whispering workshop is as follows.  Camilla begins with a presentation which illuminates the basic rules of Class Whispering.  These include:


Maintaining class discipline internally

Managing Student energy and attention span             

Designing the class material specifically for the students actually there,

Layering the class dynamics so that everyone wins

This is followed by breaking the workshop class into several sections.  Each section will then practice these techniques upon each other, with active guidance by Camilla.  Finally, the group reconvenes and the various sections report on their experiences. The workshop ends with a general discussion of teaching technique, wherein the past experiences of the workshop participants are newly revealed by the fresh light of Class Whispering!